Combination of luxurious decoration with superior acoustics, friendly service, tasty food and with great emphasis given to the comfort of the guests

We provide free-of-charge a wedding suite to the couple for resting and freshening up during their full wedding day

Located at the most exotic and famous area in Paphos, easily accessible within 15 minutes by car from the harbor with a big secure parking lot

Possible use of both floors at the same time, balcony & outdoor space for any need of your event

Great attention was given to the acoustics of the interior building, in order to avoid the unpleasant feeling caused by live music, due to the fact that the interior doesn’t have specific materials with sound-absorbing properties, as it happens to most of our competitors

The interior is split into two fully-air conditioned floors and the kids with the younger people can dine separately on the second floor, while the adults will be gathered at the ground floor with their friends


We provide you completely free-of-charge along with your wedding reception a spacious private guest room with a king size bed and bathroom, in order to be able to take some rest and freshen up as long as needed, before meeting your guests for the party. You can stay “invisible” in privacy until the moment you want in this discreet room.

We can arrange ordering the cake for you in any size and shape from the patisseries we work with

We offer unlimited consumption in soft-drinks and alcoholic beverages, on which we have agreed beforehand

We work with a specific music band on a frequent basis and we can ensure that they will be available on the date you will need them.
We are open to discussion for any other personal preference you may have

In cooperation with the event supervisor and the best professionals of the industry, we can fulfill any of your requests and work with any wedding/christening supplies store and flower shop

We supply special luxurious tents in order to cover the main interest spots (welcoming reception, cocktail table etc.) depending on your needs.


There are multiple standalone A/C units in both floors of our building which we can adjust as needed (cold/warm)

We provide free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) for all the guests

There is a covered balcony on the ground floor for smokers during winter period

There is a specifically designed area with proper equipment for the personal Dj you would like to be responsible for the music during your private event

Either you book a wedding reception or a birthday party for your child, you’ll always have the supervisor of Coral Palace at your service to fulfill any of your requests

On the ground floor there is an easily accessible area for people with disabilities with all amenities.

The entire building is connected with out private power-generators (one main and one spare), so that there will be no chance a sudden power lose from EΑC (Electricity Authority of Cyprus) will ruin your event  due to a technical fault

Unlike many hotels that close for a few months, we operate all year round without interruptions